Weber County

Weber County

Weber County experienced a 9% decrease in the number of homes sold in 2009. Prices also decreased but only by a few percent. Weber County has a wide range of median home prices from the low to mid 100’s to $500,000.

Sold condos in Weber decreased by 23%. Price also took a good hit, falling close to 10%. Find a response to the rest of the cities below.

Ogden homes: Ogden went from selling over 1,000 homes to selling under 900. Median price decreased 3% and average price slipped 4%. Ogden still has some of the best priced homes in the county.

North Ogden homes: North Ogden also fell about 14%. Median and average sold price decreased just over 6% and there is just under one year of inventory, meaning that there are plenty of homes for sale.

Roy homes: About 44 fewer homes were sold in Roy in 2009. Median price declined about $5,000 and average sold price decreased $7,000.

Eden homes, Huntsville homes, and Liberty homes: The upper Ogden valley was the only area noted to increase in number of homes sold. Sold prices decreased to the mid 300’s and there is over 2 years of inventory.

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